What is Classified Posts?

Win Leads and generate more sales to your website with Classified Posting! Consult with Prasarnet, the best SEO digital agency for comprehensive Classified posting services.

Increase Traffic and Leads

Prasarnet's classified ad posting service will generate more audiences from online sources. Our skilled experts are renowned for delivering professional classified ads for brands. They use the right words that attract the target audience.

Create ads for your brand

You can now turn classified postings into ads by making them interesting, informative, and captivating. Our writers are skilled enough and know what works and what doesn't. We ensure our postings attract the right people and turn flying visitors into quality leads.

Wide Exposure

With the classified ad posting services of Prasarnet, the best SEO digital agency in Kolkata, you can improve your brand visibility and awareness. We know which are the right platforms to post the classifieds and how to get their attention.

Easy to advertise

Classified posts do not require too much hassle for advertising. You can portray your services and product with top-notch classified ads made with Prasarnet. Our experts know the details of classified postings and how to articulate them to gain more traction for your business.

Why choose our Classified posts?

Classified posts are a powerful tool in content marketing services that can significantly increase your brand exposure with simple, short, and crisp content. But you need the right skill and expertise to create high-quality classified posts for your brands. Here, Prasarnet's associates always stand tall to deliver classified posting services to the customers and generate powerful results.

On-Time delivery of bulk projects

Whether a single project or a bulk post, we always meet customer requirements. Being the best SEO digital agency, we strive to deliver brand-specific results by providing them with bulk classified ads at the right time without any delay.

Brand Awareness

With a visually appealing website, you can establish your brand's authority among competitors. We at our SEO digital agency analyse the competitors and give an extra edge to design on the brand's website for better brand awareness.

Crisp and Concise Writing

Writing bluff about the brand on the classified posts will not serve your purpose. Instead, we find keywords and phrases that could briefly display your brand's services and products. Prasarnet has the best writers who can write crisp and concise content about the brand.

Catchy Headlines

Creating engaging content is very crucial for classified ad posting. Your headline should be such that it attracts the targeted readers, and they visit your website to learn about your brand. Make sure to consult with Prasarnet, the best SEO digital agency in Kolkata, if you want engaging content with catchy phrases and headlines for your classifieds.

Multiple Revisions

Working with us means more than just creating classified posts and running away. We check the content multiple times and review them continuously to ensure that your brand gets the most appealing classified post ads to drive more sales and audience from the web.

SEO optimized ads

Prasarnet is a professional SEO digital agency in India that targets curating the best SEO-optimized classified post ads that can rank on online search engines for better reach. Our executives always find out unique methodologies to input the best content and ensure perfect optimization.

Success Stories

Every successful marketing story has obstacles and a moral.

Senco Gold teamed up with Prasarnet to build an unparalleled marketing strategy that would help it establish a strong online presence, build trust with customers for high-value purchases, and navigate the complexities of SEO.

Interactive Design

We revamped the website and implemented interactive design elements into it to create immersive online experiences.

Multichannel Approach

We employed a multichannel approach using SEO, display ads, & local SEO, to ensure better brand exposure and drive conversions.

In-depth Audience Target

We implemented custom digital marketing strategies and PPC marketing to precisely target the local audience to heighten footfall in stores.

As a new electric bike company, Ride1Up harbored ambitious aspirations, yet it encountered numerous obstacles. It was at this juncture that they partnered with us, seeking our expertise to ensure their distinctive products stood out amidst the competition.

Targeted Audience Research

We conducted in-depth research to identify the ideal audience, & tailored the marketing efforts accordingly, ensuring that its products resonate with potential customers.

Multichannel Approach

We devised a comprehensive online marketing strategy, optimized their website, created engaging social media campaigns, and more, to reach across all online channels.

Content Creation and Promotion

We developed informative content about the electric bikes and distributed it in the form of blogs, social media, and even influencer partnerships, to educate potential customers.

Insidesource approached us during a successful period of operations. While they maintained an active presence on social media, they lacked expertise in SEO. We assisted them in achieving a higher search engine ranking position (SERPs) for their website.

SEO Strategy Development

We conducted a thorough SEO audit of the site. Based on that we optimized on-page elements, creating quality content, & building authoritative backlinks to help the site rank higher.

Keyword Research and Optimization

We identified the most high-impact keywords in the commercial furniture industry. By optimizing the website with these keywords, we helped the site be more visible to all.

Content Marketing

We developed an in-depth content marketing strategy related to commercial furniture and workplace solutions. This attracted organic traffic and potential customers.

Truerev, an established player specializing in streamlining financial operations for B2B companies, faced challenges in generating the desired quantity of leads/ boosting sales. We were delighted to offer our assistance.

Lead Generation Campaigns

We designed a targeted lead generation campaign. This involved creating compelling landing pages, optimizing them, and promoting them through various channels.

Content Marketing for Thought Leadership

We created in-depth whitepapers, case studies, and blog posts that address common pain points, making them a trusted resource for financial solutions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We analyzed user behavior, did A/B testing of different on-page elements, and made data-driven improvements to increase the percentage of leads who convert into paying customers.

Foreclosure.com had already secured a page 1 ranking within the foreclosures industry, but they needed help with reaching the top. Thus, they turned to us for assistance. The work our team did then, is evident even today.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

We identified high-value, relevant keywords & optimized the brand's website and content around these keywords, to improve site speed and mobile-friendliness.

Competitor Analysis

We did an analysis of the brand's competitors, analyzed their SEO strategies, content marketing efforts, and social media presence, and used these insights to refine your own strategies.

Content Marketing and Link Building

We developed & implemented a proactive link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the industry as they help boost search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still having doubts about classified postings? Still trying to figure out its effectiveness? Check out all the FAQs below to learn more about classified advertisements. You can also book a consultation call with Prasarnet to clarify your doubts regarding the classified ad posting services.

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Before promoting classified advertisements, you must consider all the crucial aspects, like search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, etc. Keeping all this in mind, creating your classified post ads will improve your brand's ranking and generate more sales.

Besides conventional advertising, classified ads are much more effective for content marketing. Besides promoting the brand's awareness and visibility, they market the brand's product among the audiences and generate huge traffic.

The display ads are an advanced version of classified postings and get you more quality traffic. However, classified ads appear in distinct locations depending on their category in a designated portion and allow businesses to target specific audiences.

Unlike other advertisements that contain a host of information about the brand services or products, the classified ads contain short and simple content on the product and the services, which are made for the targeted audiences and to drive their attention.

No, classified ads are much cheaper compared to other advertisements. Most businesses can increase their brand awareness by posting short newspaper content. However, online classified postings are much more cost-effective, and proper SEO tactics generate greater sales. Prasarnet, India's best SEO digital agency, takes pride in providing quality classified ad services at affordable rates.

Prasarnet is a leading SEO digital agency that provides comprehensive classified ads services for customers. They write compelling content with proper market research and review it thoroughly to ensure audiences perceive the content well.
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