Are you a dental care provider assessing dental marketing statistics? If yes, we have you covered with a robust database with numerous dental marketing statistics.

According to a recent survey, 76% of people search for the official cosmetic dentistry website before visiting there. An interesting fact is that around 90% of people use the near me keyword while looking for a dental clinic. Therefore, many depend on Google for the best healthcare facilities.

By assessing the current market, we have concluded that the exact market value of the dentistry marketing industry is approximately $171 billion. Surprisingly, it keeps increasing each year. This industry keeps booming with the discovery of advanced digital marketing techniques. Each digital marketing method significantly increases reach and engagement, from search engine optimization to pay-per-click.

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Statistical facts about Search Engine Optimization

Assessing the Statistical Success Rate of Email Marketing

By conducting more than 200 interviews, we have concluded that more than 64% of dental clinics use email marketing to build a solid client base. Here, we have assessed the statistical success rate of this advanced dental marketing technique.

Overviewing the Social Media Marketing Statistics

A recent survey has revealed that more than 64% of dental clinics use social media platforms to build a solid client base. Also, a few patients have admitted that they often search for the contact number of their favorite dentist through Facebook. With the highest record of 4 million active users, Facebook is building a communication bridge between patients and service providers. Here is some statistical evidence that social marketing is creating a permanent place in dentistry.

Evaluating Pay per Click success rate in the statistical measures

According to marketing experts, pay-per-click is one of the most used marketing methods in the dentistry industry. More than 40% of people click on the advertising link if they find something informative. Hence, more than 500 dental clinics in the USA are investing in this advanced dental marketing method. However, we must assess the statistical success rate of this innovative marketing method before investing in it.

Some other Dental Marketing techniques that have a higher success rate

Although the above-listed marketing methods have gained popularity, here are some more that marketers are more likely to use in 2024.

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March 20, 2024