Online marketing has seen a lot of changes in trends and strategies over the years. Few years ago, SEO was a lot easier and simple. However with the increasing completion, it is lot tougher to reach at the top. It takes lot more than just traditional ways to get organic growth. This is where SXO, or Search Engine Optimization comes into play. 

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Understanding SXO

As you know, SEO was based on keyword density, getting proper metadata, title tags and much more. Though these parts of SEO are still important, there are other standards that have to be meet too. The latest SXO works on making the content enjoyable for the user. The main aim is to make the site easier and more accessible for the user. The main reason User Experience (UX) has become so important is that search engines like Google are getting more advanced and implementing various metrics that need to be met. SXO does just that for the users.

Benefits of SXO

Keeps the User Interested- It is mostly seen that user click on a site but does not stay there for long. SXO makes sure that the content is interesting for them to stay for the entire part.

Promotes the Site- It ensures to make the site user-friendly so it gets repeated visits. It also encourages the user to take action like buying a product.

Better Ranking- It helps a site get higher organic ranking which helps avoid paid promotions. 

Less Need for Customer Support- As the user will get most of the information about the product or service there, it will reduce the need for customer support inquiry. 


So, it can be concluded in a nutshell that SXO is a necessity for every site to get a higher rank. By merging both SEO and SXO you can get better leads. This is because it provides content that answers the right questions.

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Feature By pallab
May 30, 2024