The recent iteration of GPT programming has been the center of discussion for its fierce attempt to take over human intelligence. Experts are still finding answers to this burning topic and trying to understand the limitations and profoundness of artificial intelligence in the coming times. However, before we delve into any further discussions, let’s know a bit about Chat GPT and its functionalities. 

Know a bit about Chat GPT:

Chat GPT is basically a generative AI language model that is designed by brilliant and expert minds working on artificial intelligence. This model is perceived and created by OpenAI with the goal of generating responses similar to human intelligence. With its initial release in November 2022, it has stirred quite a storm in the industry with its capability to complete and react to a wide range of tasks. 

This AI model has been trained to deliver human-like responses when fed with natural language input. Chat GPT is trained with a high volume of data that makes it capable of delivering furnished information, resolving queries, and participating in engaging conversations. 

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What all can Chat GPT do?

As already mentioned, Chat GPT is designed to replicate or mimic human responses from its vase source of fed data. So, what makes the idea of Chat GPT so captivating is its capability to hold natural language conversations with humans. Besides, the ways it uses the information to answer queries and hold conversations is what makes this AI model unique and one of its kind. Moreover, this AI model can also translate text from one language to another and can generate informative and high-quality content for various formats. Moreover, Chat GPT is also programmed to analyze the sentiment of a text and identify the emotion behind it. Finally, it can also help with shortening lengthy texts for easy summarising. 

Is Chat GPT really a competition for Humans?

While the debate of whether Chat GPT can overshine humans takes up a large bulk of the discussion in the public forum, let’s assess the factors that will help in identifying the same. 

Emotional Intelligence: Humans possess an emotional quotient that helps them to comprehend and empathize with others or any situation on a profound level. Chat GPT, on the other hand, has the ability to understand the sentiment behind a text but lacks the emotional ability to connect with others. 

Creativity: It is observed that although Chat GPT can produce top-notch content, it lacks the creative aspect. Unlike humans, who come up with creative perspectives and bring out original ideas and innovative thoughts, Chat GPT experiences a setback here. 

Critical thinking: Chat GPT is not programmed to analyze and assess complicated situations and make critical decisions. However, humans have the ability to judge a situation and make decisions based on their experience and understanding.

Common sense: Humans are capable of making intuitive decisions with their prior experiences. Chat GPT experiences a setback in analyzing such situations because of the lack of common sense possessed by humans. 

Data Interpretation is the only form of learning for Chat GPT

Learning is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of gaining experience. Humans learn from the different situations they encounter from day to day. Chat GPT is a generative AI that responses from the data it has been fed with. Thus, until now the only source of learning from Chat GPT is by data interpretation. This limits the knowledge and also the counter-reaction of the program to each query.

Final Word

It is appreciable how these AI models like Chat GPT have made an impressive presence in the technical world. Besides, they have limitless potential with the constant developments in the field. However, amidst the escalating popularity of AI, the human potential cannot be ignored. Human intelligence overshines AI in many aspects, and for now, AI technology cannot replace human empathy, intuition, and personal touch. In other words, we can conclude that a smart collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence is all we need to bring progress and new innovations to the industry. 

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Feature By Prasarnet
April 17, 2024